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Conservatory Servicing

As with windows, conservatories need a regular maintenance programme to ensure the longevity of the product.


Twice yearly cleaning and lubrication of all moving parts can save £££'s in the long run. Locks and hinges and handles can last for years if looked after and can prove costly if they need replacing.


Polycarbonate roof sheets are susceptable to mould growth and also become brittle over the years. The sheet materials can be exchanged for new, replacements or upgraded to a more suitable sheet material should you require them. These days there are better insulating, heat reflecting polcarbonates that can perform two or three times better than the original specifications.

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If you have a glass roof to your conservatory or orangery and have a problem with misted glass or smashed units, we can replace the glass unit in question at a competitive price. With the new technology in glass there are a lot of different types available to suit most peoples needs and aspects. We can supply glass that keeps heat in the building, if you are North facing. Glass that keeps the heat out, if you are south facing. easy clean glass, for difficult to get to areas. There is glass available that will cover all aspects within a single unit, internal heat retaining, external heat reflective, easy clean glass that can be shaded to do away with the need for blinds. The world, as they say, is your oyster.


Again, as with windows, conservatory door locks, hinges and handles can be replaced should the need arise.


New guttering and brackets, joins and  downpipes are relatively easily replaced once a match has been located.


From time to time conservatories can leak. This can be due to heat expansion and contraction, slight movement/settling, capillary action causing water to travel uphill in extreme conditions and various other reasons. We are able to inspect and quote for most repair works that can arise.


Internal window boards are easily scratched as are skirting boards. We can replace internal finishings and also can replace floors, timber or tiling.


We can also supply and fit blinds, roof and side frames, through one of our long term suppliers.

if you require a free no obligation quotation or advice with any of the items mentioned above, then please call or email and we will advise as best we can.

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