Window & Door Servicing

Contrary to popular belief, PVCU windows and doors do require maintenance perhaps once or twice a year. All mechanical, moving parts require lubrication in order for them to continue to work properly and efficiently.


The manufacturers guarantee on handles, hinges, locks and any other mechanical moving parts is usually only for a period of 1 year, although it is always best to check with the company who installed the products initially.  After this period, the guarantee has usually expired and charges ensue.


Window and door locks and keeps may move over a period of time and require re-setting. Sometimes the doors or windows may feel like they are not operating correctly and need replacing when it could be that adjustments are required to make the operation as good as new again, and at a fraction of the cost.


Mastic sealants that are used around windows and doors can discolour and attract dirt and can become unsightly. We can re-apply new sealant and/or trim neatly around the brickwork with PVCU trims to neaten up the sealant appearance.


Water drainage holes in windows and doors can become blocked which can affect the sealed units themselves and cause them to mist up/condensate. 

The gaskets that seal the glass to the frames can shrink away in the corners or become brittle over the years. This is the same for the gaskets that seal the opening sash to the outer frame to stop any draughts. Sometimes the gaskets have just flattened off and aren't making contact to seal the draughts.

We can source new gaskets and seals that will cure the problems and maintain a better seal for longer.


If you have any concerns or queries about your windows or doors and their operation then please call for advice.